• Roger Mayer
    Overview: The Vibe TC is the latest evolution from our famous Voodoo Vibe which is used by so many great guitarists such as Page ,Clapton and Gilmour and remai...
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  • Old Blood Noise Endeavors
    The Black Fountain reflects back to the days before digital delay, emulating the sounds of the famed and elusive "oil can delay" units. These units emphasized...
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  • Jam Pedals
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  • Old Blood Noise Endeavors
    Out of the hazy, sand blown distance, something comes forth. Moving slowly, moving softly, it is seen and just as quickly lost. It echoes in the open air, a v...
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  • Electro Harmonix
    Capture a frozen moment and turn it into a tonally unique sonic foundation. The Freeze Sound Retainer delivers infinite sustain of any note or chord at the pr...
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  • Frantone
    The classical Frantone brand that is no more...but we found a secret stash! If you have only heard about those rare and highly prized 90's era Hep Cat overdri...
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  • Electro Harmonix
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  • Ibanez
    The TS9B is equipped with controls to allow bassists to produce the sound they want while still maintaining the feel of the Tubescreamer. Experimenting with t...
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  • Chase Bliss Audio
    The sonic experience of the womb, now in pedal form. They just don?t make phasers like they used to. This analog phaser pedal features an all-analog signal...
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  • EBS
    The new flat patch cables from EBS are tailored to make possible to reduce space on your pedal board, while maintaining the flexibility of using cables. The flat ...
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  • Sonic Research
    Model ST-300 Mini Stompbox Strobe Tuner True Strobe TechnologyThe LED ring on the Turbo Tuner is a true stroboscope. The LEDs are driven directly by the analog i...
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